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It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Late night writing

Thank you for understanding me love.
Anonymous asked:

get up very very early tomorrow and watch the sun come up. that star that illuminates half the world and casts darkness on the other half, it has to make the long laborious pilgrimage back to you every day but how worth it it is! your bones are formed of stardust and in your veins flows the ash of cosmic explosions. the stars have sacrificed to fill you full of cosmic beauty. treasure this gift, oh my love, and inhale every breath knowing that you are the product of a universe that loves you.

I’m so sorry for all my sad posts.

9th Aug 201417:40165 notes
Finally moved into the new apartment, commence Hobbit life.

I spend a lot of time wondering what the point is anymore. I have people I love, and some I hate, I have a great job that I struggle with and I just moved into a beautiful apartment.

And yet…..

What’s the point

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