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Joshua! Thank you for the tag deary, sorry I’m too lazy to make questions of my own. I’m answering these on my way to shoot a wedding in Napa ❤️

1) What is one of the most romantic things someone has ever done for you? If you haven’t got an answer, what is something you’d like to do and something you’d like to have someone else do for you?
- It was my final night in Japan and my lover at the time wanted to take me out. We went to Kyoto and he took me to a famous painter’s house that had been converted into a restaurant. He got me into the kitchen (3 Michelin stars!) to take photos, bought a beautiful bottle of Il Cuore, and kissed me on the balcony as we mischievously explored the property. It was exciting and fun :)

2)What is one possession that you can’t live without because you take such comfort in it?
- Hmmmmm…..I could learn to live without most things but my phone is genuinely my anti anxiety/comfort item.

3) Name a song that never fails to help you face the day.
- This is fricken hard! It really depends on my mood, I don’t believe I can answer this.

4) What do you think happens when we die? What would you like to think happens?
- I don’t KNOW what happens but I hope that somehow, someway, we all come back and live in paradise. I’m a romantic.

5) Describe your favorite article of clothing.
- A newer piece of mine! It’s a white, Stevie Nicks-esque, linen(?) dress/shirt. It has open shoulders, flowy sleeves, little tassels that hang from the chest, slightly see through. It’s comfortable as sin and soooo sexy.

6) Describe your favorite toy(s) as a child. What made them so special?
- A tiny red bodied, white faced teddy bear with little green feet. I got him for my first Christmas, he is soft and I love him still.

7) What’s one of the funniest, stupidest things you’ve ever done? It can be simple or grandiose, but if it begins with “Hey! Watch this” or ends with “It seemed like a good idea at the time”, it’s probably totally what I want to hear.
- I was riding my bike through the wealthier side of town when I noticed a pomegranate tree. I HAD to have one and it seemed like no one was home (the tree was hanging over a fence). I climbed up the fence and just as I reached for the fruit I saw someone in the window. I fell off of the fence, ran to my bike and just as I began to pedal my foot cramped hard. I quickly limped off with my pomme, it must have looked ridiculous to the neighbors.

8) Ever had any kind of religious experience, or a profound sense of being connected to something larger than yourself? Ever had humbling and still moment of reflection?
- Anytime I am in pitch black and have a moment to gaze at the stars I feel connected and at peace.

9) I’m big on cryptozoology and ghost stories. The stories just amuse me and are good fodder for the imagination. What do you think about the paranormal or unexplained? Any intriguing stories worth sharing?
- I wish I had a good story! Both subjects intrigue me as well but I have no stories, sadly.

10) Ever had any recurring dreams? Do they mean anything to you?
- I used to repeatedly dream as a child that I was trapped/running around a castle. I would climb a latter to safety and Stacey from Thomas the Tank Engine would be there waiting to give me a hug. I have no fucking clue what the dream was all about.


Late night writing

Thank you for understanding me love.
Anonymous asked:

get up very very early tomorrow and watch the sun come up. that star that illuminates half the world and casts darkness on the other half, it has to make the long laborious pilgrimage back to you every day but how worth it it is! your bones are formed of stardust and in your veins flows the ash of cosmic explosions. the stars have sacrificed to fill you full of cosmic beauty. treasure this gift, oh my love, and inhale every breath knowing that you are the product of a universe that loves you.

I’m so sorry for all my sad posts.

I don’t think I want to live anymore

9th Aug 201417:40163 notes
Finally moved into the new apartment, commence Hobbit life.

I spend a lot of time wondering what the point is anymore. I have people I love, and some I hate, I have a great job that I struggle with and I just moved into a beautiful apartment.

And yet…..

What’s the point

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